What are our fears?


 “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.”

 President Roosevelt advice to a depression torn US doesn’t appear to be as true today. Go forward a few decades to the late 1990′s when the US conducted a National Comorbidity Survey and asked more than 8000 US citizens what they feared, which was as follows:

1 Insects, mice, snakes and bats
2 Heights
3 Water
4 Public transportation
5 Storms
6 Closed spaces
7 Tunnels and bridges
8 Crowds
9 Speaking in public

Now read “Click” by Bill Tancer who, in his book published in 2009, investigates people’s fears by studying their internet searches. This shows fears that are entirely different.

1 Flying
2 Heights
3 Clowns
4 Intimacy
5 Death
6 Rejection
7 People
8 Snakes
9 Success
10 Driving

In the book, he then goes into much more details, which, again, produces surprising results.


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