Sales on the internet are astronomic, but your business may need more than a website

In 2008, US internet sales were estimated to be $85 billion. With that sort of sales power is any other form of sales promotion worth doing? I think it might be.

What other forms of selling are there? Some examples are: direct mail, newspaper and magazine advertising, leaflets, television, radio, networking, cold calling and telemarketing, market stalls, shops, warehouses, car boots, garage sales and standing with an open suitcase in the high street.

Compared to the internet, all these are expensive in cash or time and, obviously, don’t suit all products and services. They’re not all as comfortable either. As someone who had to cold call in an early sales career, it’s not much fun.

That the internet may not solve all your sales problems is not my original idea either. Watching an entrepreneur’s webcast lecture from a Californian university, the speaker expressed serious doubt that to sell your wares, all you needed was a good listing on Google. He said you had to put your goods into a box and go out and tell real people, face-to-face, about them.

The internet has provided us with a massive marketing tool, but I think I may also continue with some of the old-fashioned ways as well.


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