Do you feel powerful? No? Then just fake it.


Some times we feel in control, other times we don’t; my usual response is life’s like that. However, there are times when you could really do with that extra bit of confidence, or even some real power. Help is at hand – research has shown that you may be able to counter low self esteem and increase self confidence by just faking it.

How do you do it? One example is to hold your body in high power poses for a short time: I look confident, therefore, I am. Another is that if you smile for long enough, it can genuinely make you feel and look happy. (I might practice this first to get my timing right.)

The article also reinforces the theory that no matter how good you think your message is, people are more influenced by their feelings for you that the content of what you are saying. To quote, “It’s understanding about what moves people.”

This is a well balanced article which you can read in full by following the link.


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