Talkin’ ’bout my generation. Do you know what your generation is called? Are you a Generation X or perhaps a baby boomer?

First the acknowledgements: The Who for the title and Pew Internet for the information on what different generations are called.

I have heard of some of these and knew I was a baby-boomer. What I didn’t know was that baby-boomers have now been split into two groups.

So, based on your year of birth, here is what your generation is called:


Born 1977 to 1993


Generation X

Born 1965 to 1976

Younger Boomers

Born 1955 to 1964

Older Boomers

Born 1946 to 1954

Silent Generation

Born 1937 to 1945

GI Generation1937

Born before 1936

This information is taken from the article “Generations and their gadgets” which you can access from this link


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