The Encyclopedia of Business Clichés by Seth Godin

If you’re into business clichés, today this site showed 411 of them.

The top 10 in the US are:

1 Thinking outside of the box

2 Win-Win situation”

3 Giving 110%

4 Best Practices

5 Synergy

6 Paradigm Shift

7 At the end of the day,…

8 Low-hanging fruit

9 Going forward

10 Push the envelope

I haven’t been through the remaining 401 but I’m sure they must include: “ball park figure”; “proactive”; “relationship”; “that said”; “window of opportunity” and “maximise potential”. I’ve probably used all of these in the past 14 days.

Is there any cliché you particularly dislike? If so, leave a comment.

 Encyclopedia of Business Clichés


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