Can you make your own luck? Not lucky charms or the usual motivational stuff , but science. Get lucky and give it a try.

According to Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire, luck is more a matter of your approach to life than intelligence or psychic ability. And Dr. Wiseman should know as he conducted eight years research into what makes some of us lucky all the time and some of us consistently unlucky.

Dr Wiseman developed principles of luck and he taught these to a group of people, who thought themselves unlucky, at his ‘Luck School’. As a result of this he was confident enough to estimate that 80% of those who attended reversed their unlucky streak.

Attracting good luck may not be as complicated as we think. Richard Wiseman says we should take note of the person who tells us to “look on the bright side” because they are probably right – it can make you luckier. His principles of luck are really quite straightforward too:

Create, notice and act on opportunities. 

Listen to gut feelings and act on hunches.

Cope with bad luck by imagining how things could have been worse.

In bad luck situation, what could you have done about the problem?

There are also many examples of advice you can take to make your life luckier. None of them is magical and has more to do with pushing yourself and changing the way you think rather than natural good fortune or believing in bad luck.

So to be luckier, what should you do? Here are five points to think about:

1 Accept that you really can’t control everything, but you can approach life in a different way. You can’t solve everything that comes your way by just saying “cheer up”, but some creative thinking will help. Good luck can mean that nothing worse happened.

2 Look for luck and put yourself into lucky situations which involves meeting other people. There have never been more opportunities to network with others, either online or in person. If you can’t afford to attend networking events, then start your own with others on a cost sharing basis. Remember, it’s not only the people you meet at networking events, but who they may talk to about you.

3 Think positively. This is not a hippy, new-age mantra that disguises or denies your problems, but a real attempt on your part to see things differently. Thinking positively channels your thoughts and converts them into a workable action plan for your life.

4 Decide what really makes you feel unlucky. If it’s because you didn’t win the lottery, is it that unlucky when neither do millions of other people? If your bad luck is much more serious, have you looked around to see what help or advice is available? Are there others in a similar situation you can contact to share ideas.

5 Welcome change and start with yourself, because you can’t change anyone else. You haven’t got to become a gushing extrovert overnight and if you already are a gushing extrovert, then tone it down a bit. The most successful people are good listeners; you will learn more and, strangely enough, good listeners are often regarded as good speakers as well.

If you inspired by motivational quotations, there are thousands to choose from. I think that other peoples’ views on luck are just as interesting. For example:

Perseverance, effort and attitude will always win above luck.

Kindness enhances your life and makes you feel lucky.

Luck is just chance.

Chance favours the prepared mind. 

It’s attitude and not aptitude that achieves altitude.

“The more I practice, the luckier I get.” Gary Player

Be prepared for an opportunity. 

The lazy don’t get lucky.

And to conclude, I should wish you good luck in making your own luck.


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