What do journalists think of your press releases?

Getting the Press to cover you or your business is not easy. They are not interested in your sales pitch; the Press wants news. According to Harold Evans, former editor of the Sunday Times: “News is people. It is people talking and people doing.” Events, good or bad, are only news “…. because they involve and affect people.”

Nearly 50 years after Harold Evan’s comments, does the 21st century Press still work to the same standards? An article entitled: “How to write the perfect press release for journalists” provides a cross section of journalists’ comments on what they want from and think about your press releases.

Here are a selection of their comments:

Read the publication before sending in your press release. Is it relevant to their publication in content and tone?

Is the press release appropriate? Remember, they are looking for a story, i.e. “news”. Your new range of gift tags is not news. Your new range of gift tags made in a deprived area and providing much needed employment involves people and becomes news.

If you are emailing your press release, send it as part of your email and not just as an attachment. Emails with “Press release attached” in the subject line will, most likely, be deleted and your address noted as spam.

Headlines should be interesting and short enough for a Twitter update.

If your press release is too technical or boring, you are wasting your time. It must be clear why the readers need to know about you or your business.

The first paragraph should summarise what you are writing about. Does it answer the Who, What, Why, Where, When and How questions?

Read the article for more information http://tinyurl.com/6zh98nr


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