From The Independent – there are still ways to save money. Details of the best money-saving websites.

According to The Independent, there are still a variety of ways you can save money, despite the Budget. See the full article (link at end) for the complete information, but here is a summary:

 1. MYVOUCHERCODES.CO.UK   Links to print out money-off vouchers. This section also has other money saving advice.

 2. PETROLPRICES.COM   Apparently you can save up to 20p a litre. Need to register to access database. Also works with iPhone.

 3. I-CARHIREINSURANCE.COM   This covers excesses or damage fees on hire cars. From personal experience, this insurance is expensive from the car hire companies.

 4. UK.FREECYCLE.ORG   Community way of exchanging free goods plus charity alternatives.

 5. CARSHARE.LIFTSHARE.COM   What it says, but get to know your proposed car-friend first.

 6. COUCHSURFING.ORG   Travel to foreign countries, meet interesting people and sleep on their couch to save a fortune on accommodation costs. Best to do some research and get to know your host first.

 7. GROUPON.CO.UK   Group buying to get costs down. But avoid impulse buys and do your internet research first.

 8. VIDEOJUG.COM   Videos on simple DIY tasks, so you can avoid paying someone to do the work for you. Probably still better to stay within you capabilities, though.

 9. SPOTIFY.COM   Free music, if you don’t mind the ads or £10 a month for no ads.

 10. WISEBREAD.COM   US site with frugal living tips. Section also show similar UK sites.

 Here is the link to the full article:


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