Free Fundraising Ideas for Voluntary & Community Groups. Best for smaller groups raising modest sums – hard work but enjoyable.

Here are 70 ideas for raising money for your group. However, ideas are the easy bit. Organising the actual event is a lot more work and you will need adequate help, time and patience – but it should also be fun.

Get a book on organising events as this will help you to plan and not forget things.

Also, as we live in litigious times, make sure you have adequate insurance cover.

In fundraising terms, these type of events are only expected to raise relatively modest sums. You should consider other types of fundraising as well if your ambitions are higher. (I can also give you some basic information on this.)

70 Fundraising Ideas is supplied as a PDF file which should print off as two A4s. It is FREE and you are welcome to circulate it.

For your copy, or for any other information, please send me an email:


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