The 21st Century volunteer. A report on the changing face of volunteering in the 21st Century

Another good report from nfp Synergy. Published in 2005 with contents as follows

Introduction: challenging times for volunteering

Part 1: Where are we now?

Section 1: The new spirit of Britain? Trends in volunteering

Section 2: Who volunteers?

Section 3: Volunteer expectation and motivation

Table 1: The spectrum of potential volunteer motivations

Section 4: Volunteering as a political objective

Part 2: 21st Century life and its impact on volunteering

Part 3: Looking to the future – key issues for creating a land of flourishing volunteers

Section 1: Renewing the image of volunteering

Section 2: Increasing professionalisation and marketing of volunteering

Section 3: Targeting different volunteer markets

Key target group 1 – baby boomers

Key target group 2 – young people

Key target group 3 – employee volunteers

Section 4: Creating a two-way street – the need for flexibility & incremental involvement

Section 5: the rise of the press-ganged volunteer

Conclusion: harnessing selfish altruism

You can download the report from their website:


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