With retail businesses, looks are important.

This is taken from an article on the website retailcustomerexperience.com and reports the results of a US consumer survey on how the appearance of a retailer’s shop from the street affected a customer’s decision to go in.  Is how a place looks as important as customer service or price?

Apparently so; the physical appearance of the premises really does matter and one-third of consumers  have avoided a shop based on its external appearance.  Nearly all shoppers (95%)  say that “… exterior appearance is important in their selection of a place to shop.”

None of this information is surprising and most retailers would understand why customers think this way.  It would have been interesting to know, however, what shoppers felt if your smart, well maintained shop was surrounded by poorly presented businesses or, worse still, empty shops with posters stuck all over the windows and uncollected post jamming the entrance.

 This is the link for the full article  http://www.retailcustomerexperience.com/article/181292/Report-Consumers-influenced-by-a-retailer-s-physical-appearance


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