Direct mail can still be an effective way of selling

I received some direct mail today; not the usual consumer stuff; this was aimed at my business and was directly soliciting an order. These days, I rarely receive business direct mail.

Compared to the cost of sending an email, direct mail seems quite expensive, but that depends on the product and the market. If the profit margin is there, the printed word can still be an effective way of selling. There is a good chance that your letter will be read, because recipients probably get far less direct mail than they used to.

There is, of course, more to it than that, and it will take more than the novelty of receiving a letter to convince someone to buy from you. Good copywriting is essential plus sound advice from a direct mail expert.

Nicole Pickford of Nicole Pickford ( advises clients that direct mail should be part of their marketing strategy. She says “Direct mail can still be hugely effective. It depends on a number of things: knowing your audience and what they will respond to, good content and creative, a good quality database (where you have permission) and timing are all basic requirements. Along side that it needs to be put into a joined up marketing strategy that should include some kind of advertising and PR.”

There is a huge amount of information available on direct mail, with enough statistics on its effectiveness for you to make a decision on whether it is suitable for your business.


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