“Launch – How to Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond the Competition”. by Michael Stelzner. 1st chapter free online.

Michael Stelzner’s new book is published by John Wiley and the first chapter is free online as a pdf. Stelzner publishes the online Social Media Examiner which I have got a great deal of information from.

The link to the free chapter is: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/launch/Launch-Ch1.pdf

This is from the Contents page.

Preface xiii

Acknowledgments xv 

Chapter 1 Rockets Don’t Fly Themselves 1

The Problem with Marketing 2

The Internet as the Great Paralyzer 4

Meet the Enemy: Channel Overload Syndrome 5

Do People Really Trust Your Business? 6

Introducing the Elevation Principle 7

Elements of the Elevation Principle 13

Why the Formula Works 24

Chapter 2 Starting Your Mission Plan 27

Establishing Your Clear Vision 28

Crafting Measurable Goals 32

Setting Your Course Trajectory 34

Chapter 3 Finding Inspiration by Looking Outward 43

Identifying Role Models 44

Leveraging Inspirational Content 47

Setting Up an Idea Vault 49

Creating a Discovery System 51

Why the Outward Focus? 55

Chapter 4 Leveraging the Power of Other People 57

The Power of Other People 58

Who Do You Want to Reach? 59

Developing Profiles for Your Ideal Reader Base 61

How to Identify the Problems and Desires

of Your Reader Base 65

What Problems Are They Facing? 65

Working with Outside Experts 69

Leveraging Fire Starters 77

Why Focus on Other People? 80

Chapter 5 Actively Engaging Other People 83

Reciprocity Marketing 84

The Importance of Giving Genuine Gifts 87

Using Social Proof 93

Moving People to Action 100

Why Engage? 104

Chapter 6 Making Content the Fuel of Your Marketing 107

Proof That Content Works 107

What Makes for Great Content? 113

Creating an Editorial Guide 119

Mapping an Editorial Calendar 121

Why Content? 124

Chapter 7 Creating and Using Primary Fuel 127

What Is Primary Fuel? 128

Comprehensive How-to Articles 134

Expert Interviews 138

Reviews 143

Case Studies 147

News Stories 150

Contrarian Stories 153

Chapter 8 Creating and Using Nuclear Fuel 155

What Is Nuclear Fuel? 156

Reports Based on Surveys 161

White Papers 166

Top 10 Contests 172

Micro Events 178

Chapter 9 How to Employ Marketing 185

What Does ‘‘Caging Marketing Messages’’ Mean? 186

How to Employ Marketing Messages 187

The Last Word: The Elevation Principle Revisited 205

 Appendices Primary Fuel Content Samples 207

Appendix A: Comprehensive How-to Article 208

Appendix B: Expert Interview 213

Appendix C: Review 219

Appendix D: Case Study 223

Appendix E: Contrarian Story 229

Glossary 235

About the Author 237

Discover More about the Elevation Principle 239

Index 241

 Stelzner has also got some heavyweights in his field to endorse his book: 

 ‘Launch is your road map to success in an ever-changing world. Stelzner shows you how to enchant your customers so that they’ll want to help you change the world.’’

Guy Kawasaki,author of Enchantment

‘‘Hands on and generous, Michael shows you precisely how he does it, step by step.’’

Seth Godin, author of Linchpin

‘‘If your business is flying high by making cold calls to sales prospects and by spending boatloads of money on ads, then you don’t need the rocket fuel contained in this book. But if you’re looking for a better way to reach the business heights you’ve only dreamed of, start reading Launch. Stelzner is a rocket scientist.’’

David Meerman Scott, author of Real-Time Marketing & PR 

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