Blogging and the benefits for your business.

I blog because I like blogging, but according to “The Case for Content Marketing: Sources and Stats” published by, the benefits of business blogging are greater than I thought. For example:more than half of internet users read blogs at least monthly and business decision makers say that (blog) content helps them make better product decision.

Blogs also improve website visits. According to HubSpot ( “ …. websites of companies that blog have 55% more visitors, 97% more inbound links and more than 400% more indexed pages than the websites of companies that do not ….”

Blogging will also improve your search engine rankings, get you noticed on social networks and will generally improve your public relations.

The search engine ranking of my blog on Google may be in seven figures, but this has been achieved solely by blogging. Surprisingly, there are organisations much larger than my business and with considerable PR clout who rank below me – but they do not blog and I do.


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