Plan your future between 2011 and 2025 with 20 future trends from the World Future Society

If your interest in the future goes beyond astrology, you might be interested in a Special Report on the World Future Society’s predictions for the period 2011 to 2025. In fact, they’ve made 20 predictions in all and publish 5 of them on their website, which you can reach from the link at the end.

The 5 predictions are:

(1) The Race for Genetic Enhancements Will Be What the Space Race Was in the 20th Century

(2) Water Becomes the New Oil

(3) WiMAX Networks Will Soon Create Country-Wide Wireless Internet Access

(4) By 2025, the Worldwide Average Life-Span Will Be Extended by One year Per Year

(5) Bioviolence Becomes a Greater Threat

The Special Report contains quite a lot of information and has an element of scientific research about it. There is also substantial marketing as, not surprisingly, The World Future Society wants you to subscribe to their journal, THE FUTURIST.

I find their work interesting and always read the free stuff. You might want to subscribe. This is the link


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