Social media – Romanian style.

There is an example in this article that proposes that if you speak a minority language, it follows that anyone else who speaks that language would be interested in your online presence. Quite obviously, this would not be the case in an English speaking country, but this country with its minority language is Romania which, apparently, is wide open for online content in their language.

However, before I confuse things further, the article I am quoting is not about developing a Romanian language version, of your website, but how you can use similar principles to promote your own website and business. Confused? Well so was I a bit and so you should read the full article to gain a better understanding. But, in principle, these are the main points:

Jargon isn’t all bad. If you are aiming for a professional audience, industry specific jargon would be in common use, so you should use it.

Location, location, location. If you have lot’s of competition, use Twitter to identify customers nearest to you. Proximity may get you the order.

Write for your audience. A bit obvious really, but using the right language for your market is essential

Don’t forget to use keywords. There’s lot’s of information written on keywords and you should know what search terms you potential customers would use.

Facebook and Google. These two can target advertising to your market and are worth investigating.

Basically then, this is an article introducing some sound points on successful online development – although, I am also tempted to look at the Romanian market.


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