So you’ve decided to start blogging. What will you blog about? Where can you get ideas?

I said in yesterday’s post that a blog must be one of the easiest ways to promote your business. But to qualify that, if you just write about your business or overtly try and sell at every opportunity, then no one will read your blog. You must produce content that interests your reader. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get in a subtle sales message – I make strung price tags for the handmade jewellery market and I write content for blogs – that’s my message and no more.

Before you look for blogging ideas, you must first identify your readership niche; get this right and blogging becomes easier. To get blogging ideas you have to read what interests your readership – there’s nothing wrong in blogging information that’s been published elsewhere providing you credit your sources and include a link to the original article. Remember – think readership, not you. Successful selling is a result of successful relationship building, and blogging is a great way of building relationships.


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