Do you belong to one of the “New Entrepreneurial Tribes?”

Put to one side what you currently feel about banks and read the HSBC report “The Future of Business 2011”. Banks publish some good stuff for business; Barclays used to provide (they may still do) quite detailed market research on a variety of small business sectors which I always found helpful.

Back to the HSBC report, see page 10: “New Entrepreneurial Tribes”. I’m not that connected with what the report calls “New business models ….. new mindsets …. and emerging tribes” and it’s quite surprising to hear this from a bank. Here are the “tribes” – no doubt there are more:

Collaborateers – personal networks are now more important than a great business idea.

Hybrid entrepreneurs – having more than one job and, again, personal networks.

Local Heroes – doing good as well as making a profit, i.e social enterprise, but also including crafts and creative industries.

Exportentials – which, not surprisingly, is selling abroad, which is not that difficult any more.

This report is worth reading for interest alone, and you may even recognise yourself among the “New Entrepreneurial Tribes”.;jsessionid=00004a3Na74nKLoMC4g-q0PI7NV:12c5g5i5g



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