What do you worry about?

I must have reached a blogging milestone; a request to write on a specific subject: “What do you worry about?”. Not particularly challenging, I agree, as most of us worry about something or lots of things. To narrow it down, one would have write about what worries us most, listing your worries from one to ten in order of importance. The list would change weekly and a new list would have to be issued every Sunday. I would worry that I could not keep to the deadline.

It might be easier to split the worries into two: ordinary worries and extraordinary worries. Ordinary worries are easy – that my card will not be rejected at the checkout and, being of an age when one is invited to participate in certain self-administered medical tests, that the returned results would be a positive in life’s lottery – a big tick and “it’s not you”.

I don’t think I have any extraordinary worries. The very late Robert Morley feared sudden incontinence when meeting members of the Royal Family. I was in the same room as Price Philip once; all I thought was how healthy he looked for a man of his age. Not much to worry about being a Royal then; and it might be interesting to be reincarnated as one, although possibly not a French one during the revolution.

One extraordinary worry is the fear of accepting the offer of a coffee prior to an interview and then throwing it across the room instead of drinking it. You’d be justified in worrying about that. I return to Robert Morley for the final worry: an obvious spoonerism when ordering Bucks Fizz.

What do you worry about?


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