“Sorry, it’;s over. I’ve found someone else”. When your client dumps you

We all lose customers occasionally; some go out of business, a few will have no further need of what you provide and some will go elsewhere just to save a few pennies. With the amount of customer care and retention information out there, hopefully you will lose none due to a lack of TLC.

But you can also lose customers who are not fully aware of the value you provide. Immediate delivery may be taken for granted, 24 hour availability regarded as ordinary, up-to-date stock or information – so what?

Decades ago, my sales training included a scenario of a lawn mower salesman visiting his best account, a huge garden centre chain. He was told that they would no longer be stocking his company’s lawnmowers and the order had been placed with a rival. He asked why and was told that the rival’s lawnmowers came with a free grass box. “But ours have always been supplied with a grass box”, the salesman explained. The bemused buyer said he hadn’t realised this, but it was too late as the order had been placed.

The story is a bit unsophisticated for today’s markets, but illustrates my point that all because you think you are the best, your customers may not always realise this. If there is a subtle way of banging the drum, you should find the best way for you.


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