Never resign – wait to be pushed. BBC4 programme on resignations

The best part of last night’s BBC4 programme on resignations was Greg Dyke, who fell foul of Tony Blair’s government over the Iraq enquiry and resigned. What did he learn from it? – never resign. What else did he learn? From his daughter – just get over it. Greg Dyke is a man who admits his mistakes; a people’s broadcaster, supported by his staff, but who lost the confidence of the BBC board who felt he could no longer negotiate the BBC’s future with TB’s government. So he went of his own accord, but with hindsight, would have waited to be pushed.

Schadenfreude (pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others) is always a bonus when you’ve been treated badly. Greg appeared to have no affection for Baroness Hogg and her role in this affair; he expressed belief in the Almighty when her MP husband suffered in the expenses scandal. This MP was the one who had the moat of his country house cleaned at the nation’s expense.

So: never resign – wait to be pushed – and try to have some fun while you are waiting.


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