Looking for investors? Read former Dragons’ Den panellist James Caan’s article “Secrets of a Successful Business Pitch”

James Caan, the former panellist on BBC’s Dragons’ Den, has written an article for HBR entitled “Secrets of a Successful Business Pitch”.

Now although millions of words have been written on making the perfect business pitch, Mr Caan is worth taking note of because, as a venture capitalist and entrepreneur, he invests in what he likes.

Read the full article to get all the information, but the bullet points are:

Prepare, prepare, prepare. Get as much information as you can on your potential investors.

Create a journey for the investment. A problem that will be amended by your business proposition will attract interest.

Convey your enthusiasm. Genuine passion can also inspire an investor.

Back up your pitch with hard data. As you will also need some verifiable facts to support your passion.

Leverage your image. With respect to James Caan, this may be the “fake it ’till you make it” pitch. I have actually seen this work.

This article is worth reading.



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