There is probably no shortage of business ideas. Here are 20 from a published list of 999

As a general statement, there’s probably no shortage of business ideas; if someone will buy it, you have a business. The skill is, of course, finding someone to buy it plus all the other skills you need to start and run a business.

Business guru, Seth Godin, ran an alternative MBA programme . As part of the programme, nine participants came up with 111 business ideas each to prove there was no shortage of ideas. If you’ve time, read all 999 of them; if not, here is an edited list of the last 20:

4 Hour Work Week style consulting

A service that provides internships for college students

Fingernail clippers

Custom gum flavours

Purple Cow Products – Help companies “remarkable-ize” their products

Patent and Trademark online Business

Mental sports combine

Service to purchase collectibles for you

Rental shop with sports team mascots costumes

Connect the unemployed with skill/network building volunteer work.

Website to allow people to rate the sports announcers

Garage sale marketing and promotion service

Website service coordinating elderly parent care

A website that only sells water bottle and water bottle accessories.

Wall paper company where you pick the image and they create the wallpaper.

Open a recreation shop that is really a type of day care

Jot for your car (?)

Enterprise software web portal supported by advertising.

City-sponsored citywide Wi-Fi

Fractional Ownership for Charity



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