Ten Big Questions about the Big Society

This may not be he best time to revisit the Big Society agenda, but a report published by New Economics Foundation (www.neweconomics.org) in June 2010 is a useful reminder now of what was originally planned.

These are the Ten Big Questions about the Big Society:

1. What’s the ‘Big’ idea?

2. What’s good about it?

3. What are the problems it is supposed to fix?

4. Are we all up to the challenge?

5. Can everyone participate?

6. Do people have enough time?

7. Can communities mend themselves?

8. Will a smaller state make society bigger?

9. What’s the biggest problem?

10. What could make it work?

And these are the answers to question 10:

1. Make social justice the main goal

2. Build a broader economy

3. Build a bigger democracy

4. Make sure everyone can participate

5. Make co-production the standard way of getting things done

6. Transform the role of professionals and other ‘providers’

7. Redistribute paid and unpaid time

8. Make it sustainable

9. Measure what matters

10. Make it part of a Great Transition

Will there be any amendments in light of the present situation?


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