It’s time that the relationship between employer and employee was redefined

The job that was secure for life probably hasn’t been around for decades. Having never had a secure job in my entire working life, corporate security was a concept I have never experienced, but I observed it. And whilst it seemed secure and comfortable, I never quite understood the reliance placed on an employer that they would continue to provide secure and comfortable employment. Don’t get me wrong; I have enjoyed working for my employers, but never for one moment did I believe that they would put my interests before theirs. This is not a criticism; I have been both an employer and employee. Employers will always put their interests first, and as an employee I understood this.

But now things are different and employers and employees need a new base for their working relationship – and it needs to be commercial. The employee with the required skills, experience and talent is selling and the employer is buying. The corporate security is gone and supply and demand has taken over. It’s time to make it mutually beneficial.


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