Have you ever found the perfect job? I haven’t

When I was planning to start my current business, I went through the usual what-shall-I-do? angst. My decision to go into the business that I did was based partly on what I know and past experience, but also the results of a what-shall-I-do? test that I self-took when I was active in the job search market. I thought that any job I was suited to might also be a good business proposition. I was partly right, but any form of personality test always seems to produce more questions than answers.

This particular job suitability test marked you out of 10; the higher the score the more suited you were to a job. I was expecting my ideal job to rate near the 10 out of 10 mark, but the highest score I got was only 7.9 out of 10 and that was to be a designer, which was ok, but only 7.9 out of 10? – I was a bit surprised – I had not identified my perfect job.

Lower scores included: journalist (7.4), party planner? (7.4), motivational speaker (7.2), photographer (7.1), film maker (7.1), entertainer (7.1), life coach (7.1) and tour organiser (6.9). These were all jobs that I would have enjoyed, but, as yet, most of them have not provided me with any income.

Not surprisingly, jobs where I had managed to make some sort of living were way down the scale. Although I’ne never had a job doing this, the one with the lowest score was a Minute Secretary – I agree with this – not enough attention to detail.

I don’t know how precise any form of personality test is, but with me they have been remarkably accurate. One described me as creative, free thinking, prefers working alone and possibly not a good team player – that suits me.


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