Reinventing yourself. I’m trying to work out if reinventing yourself is difficult or possibly a lot easier than you think

At some point during the past 10 years I must have wanted to reinvent myself, because I bought a book called Reinvent Yourself by J. Jonathan Gabay. I don’t recall buying the book, but it was published in 2002 and it is excellent. I must have read it at least three times, but each time I find it just as motivational.

Dr. Gabay regards reinvention as an ongoing process, a journey and inevitable; whether we want to or not, reinvention happens. But the process can be far more useful to us with a bit of planning, hence the book I don’t mind journeys, travelling in hope and all that, but like the path to enlightenment, it seems unlikely that you will never reach enlightenment or complete reinvention. But perfection is not the point – learning on the way is.

To me, reinvention is like the qualifying wording you get on sales brochures, such as “XYZ Company has a policy of continuous improvement”. In other words, the product you are seeing may be a bit different to the one you get, but when you do get it it will be improved. What you see may not be what you get – it will be better.

I currently don’t have a reinvention plan, but since I’m reading the book again, it’s time to put one together. I don’t yet know if reinvention will be easy or difficult, but to quote from the book : “The time to start acting is now; the best place to start is here.”


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