Do you make &/or sell jewellery? Do you want to sell more? Here are 50 Jewellery Selling Techniques

This is a free pdf publication (at the time of writing) from the US entitled “50 Great Jewelry Selling Techniques. From the pages of Jewelry Selling Insights”. It is written by David A Weiman

To read the full publication, the website address is:

The heading of the 50 techniques are as follows:

50 Great Jewelry Selling Techniques

1      Schedule marketing a year in advance

2      Father’s Day promotions

3      Packaging idea that’s easy on the budget

4      Keep track of customer preferences

5      Let customers know about designs that might pique their interest

6      Connect with non‐competitors

7      Send a thank‐you for high‐end orders

8      Mail quarterly updates to your customer list

9      Include care information with your jewelry

10     Don’t disengage at shows

11     Take care of your voice!

12     Include a signature line on all emails

13     Keep a file of “great marketing ideas”!

14     Answer quickly and call back promptly

15     Arrange for backup

16     Make sure your marketing database is up to date

17     Use promotional inserts when sending jewelry by mail

18     Don’t forget birthstones!

19     Offer free shipping over a specified dollar amount at your website

20     Keep a bowl of candy at your jewelry booth

21     Buy something from your own website

22     Teach at your next home party

23     Ask people about their jewelry

24     Wear your own work!

25     Capture birthdates when getting client information

26     Offer an idea

27     Stay positive!

28     Keep your jewelry as close to eye level as possible

29     Don’t photograph your jewelry on a model

30     Offer FREE gift ‐ wrapping

31     Create a “refer ‐ a ‐ friend” program

32     Give poor ‐ selling jewelry one last shot!

33     Sell jewelry care products

34     Write personal thank you notes

35     Carry your business cards everywhere

36     Print color postcards of your best work and include one with every order (in the bag for face to face sales, or in your outgoing mailed packages)

37     Compliment people on the jewelry they are wearing

38     Stand up when talking about your jewelry on the phone

39     Case the competition

40     Offer an idea

41     Teach a class

42     Use your customer’s first name

43     Don’t ask “May I help you?”

44     Mirror, Mirror at the Booth

45     Let there be light!

46     Use postcards for follow up

47     Have a kids’ jewelry making contest

48     Offer “Personal Jeweler” Service

49     Stand at Your Booth

50     Review a Jewelry Book


51     Host an Online “Open House” or Home Party


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